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 Hey friends!

Welcome to my new tiny blog - I'm so glad you're here!

I started blogging many moons ago over at the now shut down, heykerriblog.com. I fell in love with the OG blogging, you know, posting about your favorite products and the odd weekend getaway with pictures straight from your cellphone - sans photo-shop and an over-brightened Instagram theme. After paying a ridiculous amount in hosting fees and blogging maybe five times in a fifteen month span, I decided to let HKB go along with years of dedication. Bittersweet? Yes, but it was time. 

And now, well I'm not really sure what happens now! But I do know that as much as I tried to fight it off, I missed blogging. So I decided to start fresh and go back to good ol' Blogger, which is now completely foreign to me. Will I reopen HKB some day? I really don't think so. Part of me wants to say maybe, because although not consistent, I've had that website for yearsss and put a lot of work into it. The other part of me has no desire to, except missing the familiarity of how versatile WordPress was.

I'm not entirely sure what I'll be sharing on this new platform or if I will keep at it. I despise the now competitive nature of blogging and boss babes trying to convince you to buy a $1,500 DSL and go into debt posting try on videos in order to be a blogger. But hey, I was recently accepting into the prestige LTKI so that's something ;) Regardless, I look forward to reconnecting with the bloggers I adore and we will see where this thing takes us!

Take care,


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  1. Happy to see you in whatever context you're comfortable with in the blogging world! Sometimes a fresh start is what is needed. I'm still here to read ya! :)

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart