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Welcome to my new tiny blog - I'm so glad you're here!

I started blogging many moons ago over at the now shut down, heykerriblog.com. I fell in love with the OG blogging, you know, posting about your favorite products and the odd weekend getaway with pictures straight from your cellphone - sans photo-shop. After paying a ridiculous amount in hosting fees and blogging maybe five times in a twelve month span, I decided to let HKB go along with years of dedication. Bittersweet? Yes, but it was time. 

Now here we are! I hope to continue sharing my current favorite beauty products along with small DIY's I stumble upon and convince Bill we need to do.  

Likes: wine, thrifting, true crime podcasts, a good cup of coffee, bright lipstick, beer gardens.

Dislikes: my oily t-zone, humidity, dangerous drivers. 

Thanks for visiting!


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